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New Version of Pentacle In-Out Board System

We are planning to develop new version of our Pentacle In-Out Board system. 
There are about two years after our last release.

Everything is Open. There are no limit before we froze the features.

The general ideal is to switch from ASP to PHP. 

Pentacle InOut Board 10.03 released

I am pleased to announce the release of Pentacle InOut Board 10.03.

You can download the full installation pack from our Homepage, or just download the upgrade pack.

New Skins - Redesigned
Ajax enabled - Ajax Tab for fast switch
Improved Sorting - Ajax realtime sorting
CSS Spirit - Less images files to make it faster

I hope you to Read the Readme file before do any installation or upgrade.

Plan of Pentacle InOut Board 10.3

We have a plan to release Pentacle InOut Board 10.3.

It is still ASP program.

We are working hard on it.

v7.05.0.2302 is ready to download

Now the new version is ready.

Please go to here to download the updated version.

New features required

We have a plan of our new version.
It is still open to add more new features.

Actually we have some.
If you require some features we don't have, just leave your message below.

We will consider it and may add it into our next version.

Our goal is April, so the version may be 7.04.xxxx

Upgrade Issue

When I first make the upgrade package, I added inc.asp by mistake.

If you download the upgrade package before, please re-download it again.
Or, you can delete the inc.asp file from the upgrade package.

Please be noticed:
Before doing any upgrade, please backup all your original version first.

v6.10 Upgrade package is available

Now, Pentacle In-Out Board v6.10.0.1211 upgrade package is ready to download.

Backup all your files before doing any upgrade.
1) Download it. 2) Decompress it. 3) Copy all files to your installed folder. 4) Input pt_upgrade.asp into your Internet browser.

The upgrade package works on all previous version including v 5.12 to v 6.03

If you find any problems or bugs, please report here.

v6.10.0.1211 is ready

Pentacle In-Out Board v6.10.0.1211 full package is ready for download.

Only full package is ready.

If you want a update version, please wait one more day or two days.

I need time to make it.

Next version of In-Out Board

The next version of Pentacle In-Out Board is under development.
I hope it will be the Version It may be release in October.

New features or features improved shown as below:

0) Three levels of user right, Admin, Manager, and Normal User.
1) Admin can correct the time or date which is in error in record.
1.5) Manager can doing sign in/out for other people.
2) When delete a User, it is not actually deleted, but disabled.
3) Vacation can be half day on carry forword.
4) Send email to others by locaion or group.
5) Internal Email facility to Admin, when add an event.
6) History Records clean.
7) Database compact.
8) Email regular express filter will accept new TLD email address.

If you have any suggestion, let me know. I have one month to develop this coming new version.
You can post your comments here

Free InOut Board Beta

Free InOut Board is the first free in/out board system. It is also a service. You don't need to install it. It is already there.

Signup and get your own account.

Free InOut Board is supported by G2Soft.Net.

Free InOut Board brings the spirt of Free to the Commercial version or Commercial products areas.

We know even the installation of Pentacle In-Out Board is so easy, a lot of people still met the problems and stop to give up. To save these people I developed this product last month. We added a lot of things on top of Pentacle In-Out Board. Now you don't need to install any thing. Just create a new board in Free InOut Board and you will get the whole free, full functional In-Out Board without limitation.