phpBB 3.1.6 Chinese Simplified

Now, we are working as a co-author of phpBB Language pack.

Since we do have a forum powered by phpBB 3.1.6 in Chinese, and no active Simplified Chinese language author working on it. David Yin thinked about to join the translating project of Chinese.

After the original author of Chinese approval, here is the new release of it.

Lottery Program updated

It is a maintainance update. Since last update, it is about two years. Now we fixed the data retriving facility.
And updated the way to do the prediction.

PHP version of Pentacle In-Out Board

It will be a huge change from ASP to PHP.
ASP is kind of retired program language. PHP is so active.

The PHP version of Pentacle In-Out Board features:
1) Convert mdb database file to MySQL database
2) Remain all current features
3) Add mobile skin.
4) ......

Happy Chinese New Year of Horse

1) Chinese New Year is Jan 31, 2014. 
2) Effective from Feb 4, 2014, Year of Horse is coming. 


Redesign the site with HTML5 and CSS3

Now we have a new official site. New design with HTML5 and CSS3.
It is also a responsive design. Compatible with Desktop, pad, and smartphone.

New Version of Pentacle In-Out Board System

We are planning to develop new version of our Pentacle In-Out Board system. 
There are about two years after our last release.

Everything is Open. There are no limit before we froze the features.

The general ideal is to switch from ASP to PHP. 

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year 

Pentacle InOut Board 10.03 released

I am pleased to announce the release of Pentacle InOut Board 10.03.

You can download the full installation pack from our Homepage, or just download the upgrade pack.

New Skins - Redesigned
Ajax enabled - Ajax Tab for fast switch
Improved Sorting - Ajax realtime sorting
CSS Spirit - Less images files to make it faster

I hope you to Read the Readme file before do any installation or upgrade.

Plan of Pentacle InOut Board 10.3

We have a plan to release Pentacle InOut Board 10.3.

It is still ASP program.

We are working hard on it.

v7.05.0.2302 is ready to download

Now the new version is ready.

Please go to here to download the updated version.