Pentacle InOut Board 10.03 released

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I am pleased to announce the release of Pentacle InOut Board 10.03.

You can download the full installation pack from our Homepage, or just download the upgrade pack.

New Skins - Redesigned
Ajax enabled - Ajax Tab for fast switch
Improved Sorting - Ajax realtime sorting
CSS Spirit - Less images files to make it faster

I hope you to Read the Readme file before do any installation or upgrade.

1. Unzip all the files from the zip file keeping the directory structure intact.

2. Files must be run through an ASP enabled web server

3. Setup the setting file named inc.asp.
Open it with text editor, Dbname should be changed to some longer and make it
difficult to guess. Change the database name under folder dbs accordantly.
You can change it from pentacle.10.03.original.mdb to mypentacle.mdb
You should know the time zone in which your server is. If the time zone is West 8,
or -8. Set the servertimezone = -8.

4. Install, update, or upgrade

4.1 For new installation
In your internet browser, enter
This is the program initializing process, key in the correct data, all fields mandatory.
After you see the Success, delete the pt_load.asp file.
4.2 For Upgrade from 7.05.0.xxxx
In your internet browser, enter
After you see the Success, delete the pt_upgrade.asp file.
4.3 For previous version before 7.05.0.xxxx
You need to download 7.05 upgrade pack first and upgrade to 7.05 before doing the upgrade.

5. The main page is 'default.asp'

6. The user set in the program initialization is the most important administrator. It cannot
be deleted.