February 2006 Archives

Upgrade package for v5.12

This is our first upgrade package to help our users to upgrade their 5.12 version to 6.03.

Please go to our download page to download the upgrade package. Decompress it and copy all files into your installation folder. Confirm to overwrite if request.

Run pt_upgrade.asp to complete the upgrade procedure. After upgrading, delete this pt_upgrade.asp file.

Before doing anything, make a backup of the original copy.

Enjoy the new version.

v6.03.0.0081 is released

Small bugs and typo.

Download update pack and run the pt_update.asp

Keep your copy uptodate.

Pentacle In-Out Board 6.03

This version is released prior to the date on original plan.

Let me say "Happy Valentine's Day" first.

Now we have more new features and improve the current functions.
Let me introduce our Top 4 new features.

No. 4 User IP log
The IP address of the user will be logged. So that if the user login from home can be traced. The boss or manager will know if the employee is work at home or other place.

No. 3 Version checker/ update reminder
From the Admin's default page, you can see if the new version is available. If new version is available, you can download it from the link provided.

v6.03 coming soon

Our Pentacle In-Out Board v6.03 will be coming soon.
On our roadmap, it will release on next week. Much more new features are added.

It is still a Free Software. Free to download, free to install, free to use, for ever.

Please come back to check it, and be the first one to donwload it.