Pentacle In-Out Board 6.03

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This version is released prior to the date on original plan.

Let me say "Happy Valentine's Day" first.

Now we have more new features and improve the current functions.
Let me introduce our Top 4 new features.

No. 4 User IP log
The IP address of the user will be logged. So that if the user login from home can be traced. The boss or manager will know if the employee is work at home or other place.

No. 3 Version checker/ update reminder
From the Admin's default page, you can see if the new version is available. If new version is available, you can download it from the link provided.

No. 2 Database security
Before the v6.03, any one can download the database file, if he know the path of the file. Then he can open it and get the administrator's user name and password to crack it.
In v6.03, we implement this security way to protect our database. The database file name can be changed to a long name or something like shfa14ldf21.mdb . Tell the system which file name is used and system go.
The hacker has more troubles to guess the name of database file.

No. 1 Time Zone
The bigges feature added in this version is Time Zone.
Even the users of different locations are use different time zone, they can use their own time to log in.
We change almost every files to make it work. If you do not need this feature, just let all timezone figures same. That means they are all in same timezone.