FAQ of Pentacle In-Out Board

This is a very basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page which attempts to answer some of the more commonly asked questions. It is by no means exhaustive and should be used in combination with the community forums (particularly the Tutorials forum).

I cannot install this it is too difficult! Will you do it?

We are not being difficult when we say this we are actually trying to help you. Pentacle has a reputation for being easy to install, that reputation is we believe well deserved. It is a simple process of unarchiving a single file, uploading the resulting directory/files to their intended location and entering some data.

We think a better solution is for you to carefully read the enclosed documentation, read our User Guide and if necessary ask for help on any thing you get stuck on. However, the decision is yours but please note we may not offer support if we believe you have had the In-Out board installed by a third party. In such cases you should direct your questions to that company or person/s.

My screen is filled with errors when I try to view the Board!

You can try to change the encoding to UNICODE(UTF 8). Our program is based on the Unicode for international users.

Can I suggest a feature for Pentacle programs?

Yes you most certainly can, Pentacle In-Out Board is now feature frozen and only bug fix releases will be made from this line. However, work has already started on the next release of Pentacle. We already have a number of features.

We make no promises to the inclusion of features but we will endeavour to introduce the most requested or most interesting ones.

Any bugs found please report here:



Created on May 27, 2005. Updated on May 25, 2019 3:28 AM

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